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The Science

The Mystery

Many experts agree; the 3-dimensionality of the image on the Shroud is quite unique.  Just how unique is this fact?  Click below (3 videos) to find out!  (videos courtesy of AHC and TBN)

  1. Ken Stevensen on the 3D properties of the Shroud 

  2. Pete Schumacher demonstrates the VP-8 Image Analyzer with the Shroud

  3. Kevin Moran and the VP-8 Image Analyzer 


What's New

Shroud Featured in Upcoming Exhibit

Mystery and Faith come together at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. Make a pilgrimage in 2022 to see this most recognizable yet veiled-in-mystery new exhibit on the Shroud of Turin -- the world’s most studied, analyzed, and revered cloth. Take a closer look at the fascinating history and scientific study of the Shroud through engaging interactive displays and films in this groundbreaking exhibition.

                              GET TICKETS HERE

The Science

Science cannot duplicate the image.

Science cannot even explain how the image was formed.

In spite of those facts, ALL peer-reviewed scientific articles in the past 30 years support authenticity except for the C14 dating paper.  However, those conclusions have now been set aside by many scholars as they were apparently based on the use of an anomalous sample and were consequently incorrect.

The facts stated above are all based on peer-reviewed science.  Many scientific experts have therefore concluded that the state of the evidence since 2005 clearly establishes the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

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