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Our Story -2

Kevin's 7 kids

As we share how we first saw Dad's enthusiasm and research on the Shroud start through social media, we will post them here.

Kevin E. Moran's seven children, in birth order:

1. Michael Moran

2. Tom Moran

3. Julie Moran Medearis

4. Sheila Moran Stevens

5. Kevin A. Moran

6. Ryan Moran

7. Laura Moran Pearson

NIGHT LIGHT (noun) - \ˈnīt-ˌlīt \

Definition: a light kept burning throughout the night

Dad VP8 home.jpg

Tom -

I had gifted Dad a used 16mm projector for Christmas back in 1983.  

Renting 16mm films from the library was a novel thing to do for a young man in his late 20s, living on my own in Charlotte in the 80s.  You never knew exactly what you were getting from the cryptic, vague film descriptions. 

Renting these films gave me access to the Belmont estate for the day. I’d hang out with the family, work on the car, catch up on news, and of course, enjoy Mom’s home-cooked dinners.  Eventually, we would all settle in the living room after dinner to watch 16mm movies with the family.

From the film description of Silent Witness, it mentioned scientists and a cloth that was connected to Jesus. Perhaps the family might like it. So I remember throwing in the Silent Witness film because it rounded off my quota of five reels for the weekend haul to the “Belmont theater”.

Silent Witness happened to be the 4th film that evening.  We all watched it, and after it was over, Dad was unusually quiet. We went on to the last film (of which he had no interest in), and I remember Dad saying he would like to watch that Silent Witness film again before it was returned to the library.

So Dad watched it again with a quiet intensity.  Mom and the others had left the room, but I wanted to see why Dad wanted to watch it twice.  Afterward, Dad simply got up and said that it was interesting. He thought it peculiar that he had not heard of the film before or that such a relic existed and could be examined by scientists.  I thought, “How was this 16mm film so different from the others he’d seen previously?”  I did not see any inkling of what might have stirred Dad up or precipitated his enthusiasm in the Shroud of Turin.


But after that first night, he asked to see the Silent Witness film again weeks later, and I brought it back as he asked.  And a few weeks after that, he told me HE had rented the film again from the downtown public library on his own!  He had wanted to show others the film.


By then he was collecting other facts, articles, and scientific inputs for the Shroud of Turin. There was no stopping his research on the Shroud at that point.   Who knew where all this was going?!

We are proud to offer this light to shine in the darkness and cast hope upon the world as we know it today.


Lucent in Tenebris ... on MORAN family coat of arms.
Latin for "They shine in the darkness."

John 8:12 - Once again, Jesus spoke to the people and said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life."

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